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By spending as little as 20 minutes outdoors daily can have a dramatic impact on your health.  Imagine a therapy that is free, no side affects and increases your mental, emotional and physical well being.

Spending time outdoors

  • Elevates mood

  • Eases anxiety

  • Restores memory 

  • Decrease seasonal disorder

  • Increases vitamin D absorption and protects effects against osteoporosis to cancer to depression to heart attacks

  • Expands lung capacity

And much more....start nature bathing today.

Highlights of 2019 Water Week Events
Focusing on Explore Outdoors

Saturday, June 1st          Riverlands Trail Festival

Sunday, June 2nd           Climbers Run Hike

                                    Trees, Music & Water Week at 

                                    Longs Park

Wednesday, June 3rd.    Conestoga River Sojourn

                                  Kelly's Run Nature Hike  

Thursday, June 4th         Conestoga Creek Snorkeling             

Saturday, June 8th         End of Week Celebration. Rock Lititz

Full List of Events

Lancaster County Conservancy over 45 nature preserves throughout Lancaster County. Each preserve offers something unique with over 35 miles of streams and 40+ miles of hiking trails. Here is a link to all our preserves.  Get outdoors and explore!

Bellaire Woods


A well-worn cobbly path strewn with emerging trout lilies in early spring leads directly into the woods from the parking lot.  Once in the woods, the trail splits, creating a figure eight looping out to the newer trail.  The total trail length is estimated at 1.4 miles.

Welsh Mountain


An area of wooded slopes and rock outcroppings, this land supports a diversity of plant and animal life. Public trails along the rugged ridgeline provide scenic vistas of Amish farms in the valleys below. 

Kelly's Run


This preserve has mostly steep climbing from about 400 to 700 feet elevation, but there is a well-used equestrian path, and deer trails. The route along the stream is fairly level.

Map of Kelly's Run.

Lancaster County
Wilton Meadow Nature Preserve

Wilton Meadows Nature Preserve has been 10+ years in the making; passing through multiple ownerships and gaining more secure protection along the way, it finally prevailed as a Lancaster County Conservancy nature preserve in 2010 after the Farm and Natural Lands Trust of York secured a conservation easement on this significant property and Hellam Township donated it to the Conservancy. But implementing a plan as to how the public may engage in the unique, natural, and historic landscape has only just begun in earnest and the Susquehanna Riverlands Conservation Landscape was the impetus to get it there. Heralded by some as a prime example of the Susquehanna Riverlands, the preserve – along with the 199-mile long Mason-Dixon Trail – is a keystone between the river town of Wrightsville (and all of its eco-tourism amenities including the Wrightsville Riverfront Park) and Highpoint Scenic Vista County Park and beyond to some of York County’s finest natural lands along the scenic Susquehanna River gorge. 


Reserve your shuttle seat now to join us on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 for a shuttle/hike on the Mason-Dixon Trail from Highpoint to Riverfront Park and passing through the meadows and coppice groves of Wilton Meadows. Note: Although mostly downhill, this 2.75-mile long hike can be difficult for some individuals. Wear appropriate footwear and bring your own water and snacks.

Map of Wilton Meadow Nature Preserve

By protecting our forested lands we are insuring clean water.   Over 70% of our drinking water relays on forested land to clean and replenish our drinking water supply.

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