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Lancaster Clean Water Fund

The Lancaster Clean Water Fund is a grant source that is intended to accelerate clean water conservation in Lancaster County.  Both grant funds are open to community non-profits and municipalities to fund high priority, high impact nutrient and sediments reduction projects. 


Community Grant Fund - $2,500-$5,000 -  Projects need to have a focus on streambank stabilization, riparian forest buffers, community tree plantings, green infrastructure, and/or environmental education while prioritizing collaboration with new partners.


Water Quality Impact – $10,000-$50,000 - These grants are intended to support large-scale, high priority restoration projects that create a measurable and positive impact on water quality. Projects could include design and implementation of agricultural conservation practices, stormwater practices, riparian buffer implementation, and ecological restoration (stream, wetland, or floodplain restoration).


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Lancaster County Conservancy


The Conservancy has worked for nearly 50 years to save important natural places for people and wildlife. As of 2017, we have protected over 6,100 acres, but we recognize the need to do more. With acres being lost each year to development, it is the Conservancy’s purpose to steward selected portions of the county’s forested areas in their natural state for public recreation and education open to the public 365 days per year.  

The Conservancy also seeks to steward Lancaster’s urban and suburban environments. For local residents, this means more education and resources in the way of conserving rainwater through rain gardens, tree plantings, and the development of backyard habitats. For local business owners, it means education as well as effective strategies to mitigate stormwater through Best Management Practices to improve the quality of our waters that flow to our local streams and rivers.

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